Four months on

I finally got around to getting my hormones checked out. I also got a pelvic ultrasound.

The results – everything is back to normal!

Only now am I realising how bad my mental health was. I was starting to show some very dangerous behaviours.

Please, if you have a Mirena, Google. You probably already are if you found my blog. Arm yourself with the information that is available out there. Not just what your GP or OBGYN says. If you know someone who has one, keep a close eye on them.  I believe that my Mirena was slowly killing me through the tachycardia and the mental health issues it was causing.

I wonder how many other women’s lives have been ruined by the Mirena. I would also hate to think that anyone may have taken their life because the Mirena was effecting their mental health.

I think I am one of the lucky ones. And I hope that by sharing my story, you might be too.

Thank you for reading xx


Oh no! I’m getting fat!

It’s been about 6 weeks since the Merina exited my body. Things have been going along quite well. My period was normal – lasting two days, like they always used to. I have been feeling quite good.  BUT the slow weight gain I experienced with the Mirena seems to have turned into an even slower weight loss.

I realised I put on 10kg in the last 4 years with the Mirena and was looking forward to the weight falling off me. It hasn’t, and it is annoying me. Yes, I turned 40 in 2014 but I am not willing to accept that my age is the cause.

Not quite sure how I am going to do this, but I am hoping I work it out soon. Winter is coming and I refuse to buy more jeans!

End of the journey

It turns out that I wasn’t coming down with a cold. I was getting my period.

About 5 years ago I started using the app Woman Log to keep track of my spotting. I stopped using it just under a year ago because my spotting stopped. On Thursday, I got a notification telling me my cycle would start on Friday. I ignored it as I had done for years. It was right.

It seems that my body has been following some sort of routine for the last 5 years but because I never got a period as such, I ignored it.

I have had no crash. I think it is because my IUD was out for almost 4 weeks before my period came. My body had a bit of time to sort out my hormones. The period is a normal one. Not heavy not light. Just normal.

I feel like my Mirena journey is over. Perhaps the awful side effects I had while it was inserted was my crash. Who knows. All I know is that I have more energy than I have in a very long time. I am sleeping so well, insomnia is not something I have anymore. I am engaging with my family again. I am no longer too tired to do normal things.

I will still get my hormones checked so that I know where I am at.

Hopefully, this is my new normal. I will keep you posted xx

Sweat it out

Having a high heart (once I became aware it was not normal) really limited my ability to exercise. Even a walk where I live can be quite strenuous as it is very hilly.

Today I got back out there!  It was 35 degrees Celsius so was pretty warm. I started with a 2.2km track from home. My calves let me know it had been a while. The uphill parts were challenging but I kept going. I plan to go for a walk every day and gradually increase the distance. I would like to lower my heart rate because I am fit – which is not something I currently resemble.

Best part about the walk – my heart was pounding in my chest but was only 113. Yay. It would be that sitting down after lunch a few weeks ago. Things are so different. It’s awesome!

Proof in the pudding

I had a visit to the doctor. Just to see how I am going post Mirena. She was going through my heart readings for my visits. 117, 102, 106.  The lowest was 99.

She put the blood pressure cuff on my arm. I was trying to remain calm so my heart didn’t race and give a high reading. My BP was perfect and my heart rate was 83.

She is going to talk to her Gyno friends about it. To quote my lovely GP ‘There is no other explanation for it. It HAD to be the Mirena’.

I will be returning for hormone testing in a month so we can see what’s happening.

Chocolate? Maybe not.

So I have had three amazing days with low heart rates. My average heart rate has been under 85 for the last 5 days with 2 out of the 5 being under 80. I am stoked!

This afternoon my heart is racing again. It was perfectly OK and then I ate 3 Virgin Pina Colada Tim Tams. I don’t know if it is the chocolate, the sugar or both. As delicious as they are, I am not keen to have any more any time soon. I am really enjoying having no heart awareness.

Or perhaps I should.  You know, as a scientific experiment.    Why did you eat the Tim Tams?  I did it for Science!!

On the slow down

It seems that my heart rate is slowly dropping. For the last two days I have woken up with a heart rate under 80.

On Saturday, my highest heart rate was only 90. It’s pretty sad that a resting heart rate high of 90 is something to be excited about. But I am excited!!

I have noticed that after eating my heart races. Nowhere near the 130 a few weeks ago thank goodness. Today 15 minutes after lunch it was 95. A month ago after lunch it was 115.

The only thing that has changed (medically) in the last two weeks is that I no longer have the IUD. My mood has improved, my libido is coming back and my average heart rate has dropped by around 15 beats per minute.

Even though I had read what the Mirena was doing to hundreds of other women, part of me was worried that it was just me.  I worried that my symptoms were not caused by anything in particular but were something I would have to learn to live with.

I can’t ignore the changes. I can say it is not me. I believe that my symptoms – the ones that have changed – were caused entirely by the IUD.


Mirena Detox Time

After the bloating episode last night I did some more reading. I found that there is actually a Mirena Detox Program by Rose Vitalis (link below). It’s pretty serious stuff!  It kind of scares me that someone felt it necessary to write a paper on how to rid your body from the poison that a Mirena puts in you.

To be honest, I feel like crap. My mood has improved a lot and I am sleeping really well but how my body feels is pretty ordinary. I am bloated and my clothes are getting uncomfortable on me. Waiting is not really doing much so I am going to look into doing a detox with food. The paper in the link involves a lot of supplements. I don’t really have the money to spend at the health food store so will give fruit and veg a go.

I have also discovered what the Mirena Crash is about. It usually coincides with your period, when your oestrogen levels peak. Because your progesterone is very low, or non existent, the hormone imbalance is at its greatest at this time, causing a crash. Some women have reported not getting a period even 12 months after they have the Mirena removed. My period was never regular and often had long gaps between them – up to a year on one occasion (I wasn’t pregnant at the time). Maybe, my body will have a chance to correct it’s natural production of Progesterone and I won’t have a crash.

Fingers crossed.

The link for you –

I think she’s going to blow!

I think I may have jinxed myself. That photo of my bloated belly that I posted the other day is nothing compared to my bloated belly tonight. I am uncomfortable.  My stomach is rock hard. I have put on 2kg in the last week. I am getting frustrated that good things aren’t happening faster. Hurry up and happen, whatever is going to happen

Told you I am not a patient person.